Las Vegas: A Reality Check

Ah Las Vegas, a jewel to behold in the desert. Established in the year 1911, the city has become known for its bright lights, luxury hotels, dining and of course, their casinos. The name Sin City was given for a reason.

But more often than not, reality is often disappointing, from what we see in TV shows and in movies, the city of Las Vegas seems to be one of pretty lights, wonders and partying. But from what people have seen, Las Vegas is also a city of dread, of dirt and of loss (financial loss).

That being said here are some examples to give you a good dose of reality of what lies underneath the neon light facade that masks the city of Las Vegas. 

Think You’ll be lucky? Think Again.

Las Vegas is definitely known for its glamorous casinos as many people flock to Sin City to try their luck in the many games they have in the casinos. Like slots, roulette, poker and so on!

Oh how fun it is to risk your finances!

But if you think that your karma is good or that you are feeling lucky to go ahead and give it a go on the slot machine, you may want to reconsider. The clock-less casinos disoriented you and makes you lose all sense of time as you try to chase your losses. Next thing you know, your out of cash, oh and on your first day too. Be smart, and gamble responsibly or not at all. Besides, why go all the way to Vegas when you can take it up on more fair and secure online platforms, like this online casino in Singapore.

The Lines..

It seems that Las Vegas can’t get enough of their long lines, into restaurants, hotels and casinos. If you ever find yourself going in tourist season, during the holidays, you will even find yourself waiting in line for the slot machine! Imagine spending half of your vacation waiting in line.

The Walk…

Anyone who has ever heard of Las Vegas will surely have heard of the famous Las Vegas Strip, a boulevard in which all the famous hotels, casinos and attractions lay upon. If you ever visit, it is truly an experience driving down the strip, DRIVING, because if you feel like you wouldn’t need a car for your visit, then get ready for long walks down the strip, and the insufficient number of pedestrian bridges makes the experience all the more tiresome, made even worse with the navigating through the  large crowds of people if you visit in peak season. 

If you do get a car…

…Then get ready to face the rush hours that are on par to what Los Angeles, or Singapore has, maybe worse? One thing to remember about Las Vegas is that people do work and live there, and like all cities, you will get peak hour traffic jams on the highways, roads and even on The Strip.

Rowdy Crowds

Being established as sort of a party place, you can bet your dollar that you will have people drinking it up in all hours of the day, so of course your gonna get loud, rowdy and maybe annoying crowds when you visit. If you’re into that, then perfect!

Getting a pic with the sign

It might be hard to get a good photo or selfie with the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, as it is a well known spot and of course, tourists such as yourself would love to at least check it out. 

So of course it would be a bit difficult to find a proper place to take a picture where there are no other people in it, unless you do not mind.

It’s HOT.

It’s in the middle of a desert, of course it would be.


So those are some things that may give you a reality check when you go to visit Las Vegas, but that being said, it would be awesome to visit the city, as there are plenty of things which you can find enjoyment in, and if you plan your holiday accordingly, you could even avoid the large crowds.