Is it worthy to feed your kids with frozen food?

Frozen food for your kids?

I was born and grew up in a world where the toys are not a gadget, and food is not frozen food. I am thankful that I had the chance to experience such an enjoyable experience.

As a woman who lives in the fast-paced world, where the time is limited, we struggle to find time to do things we like. To the worse, even finding time to cook decent meals is hard to do. This problem not only faced by single women but also working mothers as they find it hard to prepare foods for their families.

Most of the time, lunch or dinner served with fast food and cooked prepacked frozen food. Of course, there is nothing wrong consuming that food. But eating it too often and too much could give a negative effect on health, such as indigestion and stomach-ache. The concerned is not really on the adult, but rather, the children.

These days, it is common to see children have a disease because of imbalance diet. They consume too many prepacked meals, such as sausage, nuggets, and frozen chicken. Why is it given to them? Simple answer, it was easy to prepare, convenient and cheap as well. But does it worthy, risking the life and health of the children for the sake of convenience? Indeed, it is not worthy at all.

All the foods contain high calorie and fat. It also contains preservatives to extend the life shelves of the products. When we heard about this, indeed we know it is not good. But due to some circumstances, we tend to take this matter lightly.

The effect, kids grew up not healthy, dislike vegetables, and much worse, they are facing a disease like heart problems and diabetes. The one who can change this we, the adults, parents. Teach our future generations the importance of healthy food because no matter how many times companies like frozen food Singapore claim frozen food is healthy. In reality, it is not healthy at all.

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